District 2450
Head of Philately in Egypt
Samir Amin Fikry F.R.P.S.L. EGYPT
Samir Amin Fikry was born in Cairo in September 1932. He obtained a B.Sc. in Architecture at Cairo University and continues to practise as an architect decorator.

Mr. Fikry started the hobby of collecting stamps seriously at the age of 18. In 1980, he completed a period of fifty years (1930-1980) mint stamps, of U.K., France, W. Germany, Switzerland, Egypt and Sudan.

He visited Philexfrance 1982, where he found that the Grand Prix d'Honneur was received by a Swiss (E. Antonini) for his Egyptian collection.

From that day, he decided to shift his attention entirely to collections of Egyptian Philately, and started to build his ten international exhibits which cover all issues of Egyptian philately till 1960 in more than 1000 sheets.

In 1993, Mr. Fikry accepted using one of his exhibits as a base for printing the FIP Guide to Exhibiting and Judging Traditional and Postal History Exhibits.

In 2002, it was mentioned through the Grand Prix club book, that Samir Fikry is one of the 38 double Grand Prix winners from 25 countries all over the world and now with the 3rd G.P. He is one of six winners all over the world.

He is considered the leading philatelist of his country and has contributed to recognition of Egyptian philately worldwide. Due to Samir's diligence, he was chosen to be the chairman and president of the jury at an international exhibition for Egyptian philatelists held in Cairo in October 1991, where he received the Ibrahim Chafter special medal from the Philatelic Society of Egypt.


a- Philately
One of only six collectors worldwide to have ever won three Grand Prix.
The Ibrahim Chafter's special medal of Cairo 1991 Show.

b- Exhibitions
Grand Prix International at INDIPEX 1989.
Grand Prix d' HONNEUR at New Zealand 1990.
Grand Prix International at Valencia 2004.
12 times shown in the Court of Honour at international venues.


Egyptian Rarities Prior to the Twentieth Century in serial form in THE LONDON PHILATELIST, volume, 103 No. 1212 in January / February 1994 to No.1222 in January / February 1995.

Actively participated in preparing and editing the FIP GUIDE TO EXHIBITING AND JUDGING TRADITIONAL AND POSTAL HISTORY EXHIBITS 1993 based on the items in the Nile Collection of Egypt.

Members of Academies and Societies
- L'Academie Europeenne de Philatelie.
- The Belgian Philatelic Academy.
- Club de Monte Carlo de l'Elite de la Philatelie, Monaco.
- Grand Prix Club International.
- The Royal Philatelic Society, London "Fellow".
- The Collectors Club, New York.
- The Philatelic Congress of India, New Delhi.
- The Egypt Study Circle of Egypt, London.
- And The Philatelic Society of Egypt, Cairo.

Philatelic Functions
- Member, FEPA management committee, 1997/2001.
- In 1998 as a result of his promotional work in Africa, Sudan became a member of FIP.
- Served as a jury member in 15 International shows from 1991 until 2008.
- Vice president and member of the board of the Egyptian Philatelic Society 1988/1996.
- Chairman and President of the Jury in Cairo 1991 Exhibition.

Rotary Club of Geziret El Roda is willing to help, encourage and promote the Egyptian Philately among Rotarians and others
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