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The Most Famous and Distinguished Past Collectors of Egyptian Philately

The opening ceremony of the first International Philatelic Exhibition in Cairo - 1946.

Egyptian Collectors

King Fouad
1922 - 1936
King Fouad was the first king of Egypt. In 1922 he negotiated the direct purchase of his collection. After the revolution, his collection and the collection of his son, king Farouk were sold through the same auction under the name of Palace Collection in Kouba Palace in 1954. Most of his collection was based on Mackenzie Low material and the subsequent additions from other sources.
King Farouk
1937 - 1952
King Farouk who took his place as head of the 2nd kingdom of Egypt in 1937. He was very happy to join the opening ceremony of the 1st philatelic exhibition in Cairo in 1946. As a real philatelist, he enjoyed studying every element shown in that exhibition from all over the world. He tried his best to add more rare materials to his private collection through any auction during his reign.
Ibrahim Chaftar "Bey"
Ibrahim Chaftar "Bey" was one of the most famous Egyptian collectors. He was the first Egyptian philatelist who was elected to sign the roll of distinguished philatelist in London. He created the Egyptian Philatelic Society and became one of its most valuable contributors. One of his major achievements was the organization of the first International Philatelic Exhibition in Cairo in 1946. King Farouk was so impressed when he paid an official visit to the exhibition and he conferred the title "Bey" on Chaftar.
Ahmed Mazloum "Pasha"
Ahmed Mazloum Pasha was one of the former editors of L'Orient Philatelique (magazine of the Philatelic Society of Egypt), as well as its prolific writers. He managed to become the president of the Philatelic Society of Egypt. He also had a career as a judge of the court of mixed appeals which dealt with the complex situations where both Egyptian laws and concessionary laws governing foreign nationals were involved.
Mehanny Eid
Mehanny Eid, another former editor of the Zeheri Catalogue and the magazine L'Orient Philatelique. He was employed in the postal administration where he was exceptionally knowledgeable and succeeded in forming a collection full of interest, even though it lacked major rarities. Although the title wasn't actually conferred on him he was generally addressed as Mehanny Bey.
Dr. Medhat Cherif El -Chichiny
Dr. Medhat El Chichiny was involved in Egyptian Postal History. He not only collected materials and information when events of postal significance were in progress, but also produced the first comprehensive book on the subject. He suffered from failing eyesight as a consequence of diabetes and was unfortunately not able to attend any part of the second Egyptian International Philatelic Exhibition held in Cairo in 1991.

Non-Egyptian Collectors
Dr. William Byam
 {short description of image}   Dr. William Byam joined the Royal Philatelic Society of London in 1924. In 1935 he founded the Egypt study circle and in the same year joined the Philatelic society of Egypt which subsequently made him a member of honor. In 1949, he was elected to sign the Roll of Distinguished Philatelist. His collection of the postal history and postage stamps of Egypt has been awarded several gold medals or higher awards at International Philatelic Exhibitions.
Mackenzie Low
    Mackenzie Low was one of the greatest collectors of Egyptian Philately that have ever been known. Apart from his contributions to literature, he forms a collection of exceptional magnitude and depth. Undoubtedly the most important collection of Egyptian postage stamps that have ever been brought together is that formed by Mackenzie Low, F.R.P.S.L Particular attention may be drawn to such noteworthy items such as the official notices relating to the first, second and third issues of Egyptian stamps.
Jean Boulad
    Jean Boulad of Belgian extraction, spent his professional career with the Suez Canal Company and of necessity became fluently multilingual. He was an editor of L'Orient Philatelique and his editorship was characterized by careful attention to the contemporary working of the Egyptian postal administration, as well as the older philately and it is from his reports that we know so much about the rates and dates of the 1930s'. He later added "d'Humiere" to his name in philatelic publications.
E. Macarthur
    Major E. Macarthur was known for his monumental work with the third issue of Egyptian stamps. He was past chairman of the Egypt study circle of London, where he had all encompassing knowledge of Egyptian Philately.
Dr. Sava Michel
    Dr. Sava Michel was a veterinary inspector of Greek extraction who lived in Matay, but later moved to Cairo. He is best known for his scholary writings on plate varieties and postal markings in the L'Orient Philatelique magazine. When he retired from public service, he settled in Athens than began working there on editing a specialized catalogue of Egypt, in which he intended to make up for all the definitions of the Zehiri catalogue but was not able complete the task.
E. Antonini Switzerland
    The E. Antonini collection must be considered one of the most prestigious collections of Egypt between great philatelists and collectors. Such a marvelous and important collection of Egypt and its foreign post offices is without doubt a milestone to be remembered in future history of the philately of Egypt. This collection is particularly characterized by its rarities and qualities.
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